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  ~~~~~~~~~~ TRANQUILITY ~~~~~~~~~~ IDENTITY CRISIS ~~~~~~~~~~ FIREFLY: REUNION ~~~~~~~~~~

~ T R A N Q U I L I T Y ~


A wormhole provides a gateway to a parallel universe for a band of fugitives who escape the clutches of a sinister cartel, only to become embroiled in events with far worse consequences on a planet seeming very much like
19th century Earth.


TRANQUILITY is a serialized Sci-Fi / Western drama one hour TV pilot set first in the 26th century aboard the spaceship Tranquility. It centers around the exploits of captain Val Brennar and his band of mercenaries.

Their most recent adventure has the motley crew double crossing the Syndicate and fleeing with the human cargo they were contracted to hand over to the detestable group.  During the escape from the Syndicate's most adept and feared bounty hunter, an unexpected detour through a space anomaly crash lands them on a parallel universe version of Earth and the setting changes to 1863 Kansas, although the former setting will be
revisited from time to time via flashbacks and the Syndicate's ongoing
efforts to recover their precious human cargo.

Val and company first attempt to make sense of their predicament and then, once resigned to the fact that Tranquility is not space-worthy, nor will it be
any time soon, begrudgingly agree to protect a nearby town from ruthless outlaws and other related dangers (think Firefly meets The Magnificent Seven).

Of course the crew is always looking for ways to repair their ship and return
to their own time and universe, but that becomes increasingly difficult as relationships are struck with the locals, in particular, one between Val and
the sultry saloon owner. Matters are complicated by the unexpected emergence of an adversary from the past.

T R A N Q U I L I T Y: pilot    download script here
T R A N Q U I L I T Y: episode 2 "Visions"    download script here
T R A N Q U I L I T Y: episode 3 "The Calm Before the Storm"    download script here


When a band of mercenaries discover the cargo they must deliver to a nefarious cartel is human - and immensely valuable - they instead flee,
their only chance of escape hinging on a dubious scheme which could
have consequences more dire than their capture. 

Click to view a pdf file of a TWO-PAGE PITCH of the show. It includes a pilot synopsis, character breakdown, and future storylines.

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A group of fugitives crash land on an Earth-like planet, where they are begrudgingly drawn into a local conflict with deadly consequences.

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Mercenaries help skeptical citizens plan an ambush for a group of ruthless outlaws hell-bent on razing their town, but three of the townsfolk secretly
meet with the group's leader, warning him of the scheme.

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Click to view a pdf file of an EPISODE THREE SCRIPT EXCERPT.

FIREFLY: Reunion is actually three one-hour episodes, entitled "Reunion", "Journey to Ariel", and "The Search for Wash" so as to comprise a 3-hour mini-series. It is based on the short-lived Sci-Fi/Western TV show from 2002 - Firefly.

LOGLINE: A down-and-out ship captain, having learned his friend and pilot - long thought dead - is alive, reassembles his rag-tag crew and embarks on a mission to rescue him agaisnt impossible odds.

SETTING: 500 years in the future in a solar system far from ours, terraformed for human existence.

SYNOPSIS: It's been 8 years since the broadcast of the Miranda video. Malcolm Reynolds and his crew were branded as fugitives from Alliance law and retreated to the Outer Rim, but have since disbanded. However, a ghost from the past brings news that their beloved pilot, long thought dead, was retrieved from Serenity - barely alive - and taken back to Ariel to be a guinea pig for Alliance experiments using a mutated derivative of the Pax compound.

Now Mal and his crew must reunite, set aside their differences, and travel into the belly of the Alliance beast to rescue Wash. Zoe is determined to bring her husband back alive, not just for her sake, but for that of their daughter, whom Wash has never met and didn't know existed. The odds are stacked against them, but they have River, and she's even more of a weapon than the Alliance ever suspected.

To read the scripts of all three episodes, CLICK HERE.

~ I D E N T I T Y  C R I S I S ~

GENRE / TONE: IDENTITY CRISIS is a one-hour serialized TV drama in the vein of the Blacklist and American Odyssey.

LOGLINE (SERIES): A woman with a seemingly ideal marriage is recruited by the FBI to spy on her husband – a terror suspect – but when she dies – suspiciously – before learning the target of the next terrorist bombing, the feds turn to her jealous, unstable identical twin sister to finish the job.

LOGLINE (PILOT): A desperate woman covets her identical twin sister's seemingly idyllic family, unaware of the husband's secret ties to a local terrorist cell.

SYNOPSIS: Chloe and Zoe are identical twin sisters in almost every way. But their lives couldn't be more different.

When a terrorist bombing appears to take Chloe's life and leaves Zoe with amnesia, her nurse best friend (aware of Zoe's desire) convinces her that she is, in fact, Chloe and switches hospital records to verify it. As Zoe settles in with her "new" husband, Amari, and two daughters, memories slowly return, casting doubt on her identity. She also becomes leery of her husband's suspicious behavior, which comes to a head when she is paid a visit by the FBI. They explain that Chloe was working for them undercover to confirm Amari's ties to a local terror cell and that Zoe must continue her charade to discover the terrorists' next target.

But unbeknownst to them all, Chloe is still alive, on life support, at a secret medical facility, monitored by a select handful of doctors and gov't agents, who have plans for her should she recover. You see, they are the only ones who know the truth about Chloe: she isn't just Zoe's twin...she's her clone!

To read a 2 page pitch, including a summary of the pilot, character bios, and hints at future storylines, CLICK HERE.

To read a pdf BIBLE, including character bios and a more in-depth analysis of the pilot, season one, and future season storylines, please email me and I will send you what I have (it's almost done).

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