Eric L.  Christianson 

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~ T H E  V A M P I R E - H U N T E R  H U N T E R ~
Registration Number: 1911805 (WGAw)

GENRE: A horror short, in the vein of Van Helsing or Wynona Earp.

LOLINE: A novice vampire hunter seeks to destroy the vile creature who slaughtered his parents and abducted his sister. Standing in his way: the sister, who has turned undead and been tasked with slaying him first.

SYNOPSIS: A young teen witnesses a vampire slaughter his parents and abduct his sister. Fifteen years later, thanks to a lead from a young, female TV reporter, the two stand in an old mausoleum staring at a coffin which may contain the evil demon. When opening it reveals it to be empty, the reporter remarks that the coffin is for him and reveals her true self: she is the long-lost sister, now undead, and tasked with slaying her brother to fulfill a broken oath between their human father and the vampire whose blood cured her fatal childhood disease!

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~ V E N G E A N C E ~

Registration Number: 1810088 (WGAw)

GENRE: Vengeance is a feature-length revenge thriller in the vein of Lucky Number Slevin and Fargo.

SETTING: The story is set in present day and weaves back and forth between various locals in Redding, CA and the densely wooded area surrounding nearby Whiskeytown Lake.

LOGLINE: An unscrupulous DA hires a ruthless hitman to rescue his daughter and dispatch her kidnappers, but when the daughter's captors reveal her father's villainous ways, she sides with them in their fight for survival...and justice.

SYNOPSIS: An unscrupulous DA hires a ruthless hit man to rescue his daughter and dispatch her kidnappers, but when the daughter learns of her father's treachery, she sides with her captors in their fight for survival...and justice.

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~ A N I M U S ~

I am seeking feedback on my latest script. I am 15 pages into "ANIMUS", a contest entry Sci-Fi script, and covet your feedback. View a PDF file HERE.

LOGLINE: A transport ship delivering a dangerous prisoner to a penal colony is diverted to answer a distress call and the crew discover, on board a dead ship, what appears to be a young human girl. But the knowledge and powers she possesses make her, and them, a target for termination.

~ T I M E    A F T E R    T I M E ~
Registration Number: 1820725 (WGAw)

"Time After Time" is a short Sci-Fi film with a "Twilight Zone" feel to it.

LOGLINE: A grieving widower travels back in time to prevent the tragic accident that killed his precious wife, but the experiment's success spawns an equally devastating and unforeseen event.

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~ R E D E M P T I O N ~                                                                            
Registration Number: 1776355 (WGAw)

LOGLINE: The outlaw brother of a slain Texas ranger assembles a motley crew of gunmen with plans to enact revenge on the human smuggling ring responsible...until he discovers its leader is the very brother he thought dead.

GENRE / SETTING / SUMMARY: Redemption is a feature length western set in the late 1870s in south Texas and northern Mexico. It centers around Mason Campbell, a former Texas ranger, and Ezekiel Dixon, the outlaw brother of Campbell's thought-to-be slain partner. Campbell is grieving the murder of his wife and that partner but is recruited by Dixon to join his unsavory group in enacting revenge on those responsible. As they piece together clues as to the identity of the perpetrators, their journey leads them to a human smuggling ring operating out of a fortified compound in Mexico. What at first seems to be a cut-n-dried mission of revenge is complicated by the discovery that the compound's boss is none other than Dixon's thought-to-dead brother and that one of the women held in bondage there is Campbell's wife!

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