Eric L.  Christianson 

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                                               E R I C   C H R I S T I A N S O N

302 Starbright Drive, Austin, TX 78745                                              Height: 5'8"    Weight:  150 lbs    
512.689.9045                        [email protected]                            Hair: brown    Eyes: Brown


The Vampire hunter Hunter                   screenwriter                                        not yet in production

Time After Time (short)                         screenwriter                                        not yet in production

Vengeance                                          screenwriter                                        not yet in production

Redemption                                         screenwriter                                        not yet in production
The Crypt                                              Thomas                                                Wildelynx Prod.
Ballad of the Sad Cafe                         featured extra                                       Merchant Ivory Prod.


Identity Crisis                                        screenwriter                                       not yet in production
Tranquility                                             screenwriter                                       not yet in production
The FBI Files                                   immigration inspector                                New Dominion Prod.
Silvertime Soap Opera                                 Roger                                       Silvertime Soap Opera, Inc.
Fasting Can Save Your Life                         narrator                                           Life Science Institute
When We Really Try                                  Uncle Hal                                              In Theo Prod.
And Now for Something Completely            
      Rotten in the State of Denmark               Hamlet                                           Caliche Productions

voc credits available upon request

Reality                                                  announcer                                       Tequila Mockingbird
Buck's Landing                                        narrator                                   Guerra Deberry Coody & Co.
Babtist Medical Center                            announcer                                 Guerra Deberry Coody & Co.
Mainstreaming Special Needs Kids              narrator                                    Educational Service Center
Whataburger                                              father                                       The Production Company
AutoValue: Excellence In Store                spokesperson                               Louis Pitlock & Associates
Southwestern Bell: New Tech.                spokesperson                                       Talent Partners
Tivoli Information Systems                     spokesperson                                           T.I.S. Prod.
City of San Antonio Tourism Dept.                father                                                    Alamo City Prod.
The Brain Game                                          host                                                   Moving Image Prod.
Electronic Selection Systems                        Larry                                                 TX-Pacific Film & Video
Insyst                                                   hotel manager                                        El Adam Prod.

Theater (selected roles)
Originals Only                                 Marty; Father Bowman                           Vortex Performance Cafe
Cat on a Hot Tin                                          Brick                                            The Acting Studio
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown                Linus                                             Bedichek Theater
The Seven Denials                                       Jesus                                              various churches
The Night of January 16th                  defense atty. Stevens                                  Rolfe Auditorium

Film acting classes by Cliff Osmond, Mona Lee, Michael Costello, Doris Hargrave, & Al Onorato.
Commercial audition classes by Lee Peterson, Toni Cobb, Jo Edna Boldin, Barbara Brinkley, & Donise Hardy.
Stage acting classes by Michael Harlin & U. of Texas Drama Dept.
Voice-over training by Kathleen Couser & Julie Williams.

Special Abilities
improv comedian; disk jockey; proficient in all sports, incl. gymnastics; good physique; 14 yrs teaching & coaching experience; dilalects; accents; jibberish languages; proficient w/ teleprompter.